Max 55% OFF 45 Plain Felt Sheets - 20cm x 20cm per sheet - Pick your own col Outlet Discount Sale

45 Plain Felt Sheets - 20cm x 20cm per sheet - Pick your own col
45 Plain Felt Sheets - 20cm x 20cm per sheet - Pick your own col

45 Sheets of Plain/Solid Felt Fabric - 20cm x 20cm - pick your own color
Total of 86 colors to choose from

100% Polyester Felt Fabric
Size: 20cm x 20cm (close to 8 in x 8 in) per sheet
Thickness: 1 mm

** Pick your own color from 86 Plain/Solid Felt **
Pinks and Reds (15):
101 Baby Pink, 102 Light Pink, 103 Pink, 104 Rose Pink, 105 Carnation Pink, 106 Middle Pink, 107 Neon pink, 108 Bright Pink, 109 Fuchsia Pink, 110 Rose, 111 Violet Red, 112 Red, 113 Red Plum, 114 Wine, 115 Burgundy.

Yellows and Oranges (16):
201 White, 202 Light Ivory, 203 Ivory, 204 Lemon, 205 Wheat, 206 Light Apricot, 207 Yellow, 208 Gold, 209 Apricot, 210 Orange, 211 Pumpkin, 212 Grenadine, 213 Azalea, 214 Tomato, 215 Paprika, 216 Brick.

Browns (11):
301 Cream, 302 Light Beige, 303 Khaki, 304 Walnut, 305 Bright Gold, 306 Hazel, 307 Amber Brown, 308 Dark Brick, 309 Brown, 310 Chocolate, 311 Dark Chocolate.

Purples (9):
401 Lilac, 402 Light Lavender, 403 Lavender, 404 Pink Purple, 405 Amethyst, 406 Purple, 407 Maroon, 408 Dark Purple, 409 Royal Purple.

Blues and Turquoises(13):
501 Alice Blue, 502 Light Blue, 503 Powder Blue, 504 Peri Blue, 505 Sky Blue, 506 Baby blue, 507 Water Blue, 508 Sea Blue, 509 Blue, 510 Royal Blue, 511 Navy Blue, 512 Turquoise, 513 Dark Turquoise.

Greens (13):
601 Baby Green, 602 Yellow Green, 603 Chartreuse, 604 Bright Green, 605 Lime, 606 Mint, 607 Moss Green, 608 Jade, 609 Apple Green, 610 Middle Green, 611 Green, 612 Olive, 613 Dark Olive.

White Greys Black (9):
701 Snow White, 702 Light Grey, 703 Grey, 704 Steel Grey, 705 Dark Grey, 706 Dark Steel Grey, 707 Black, 708 Charcoal, 709 Dark Charcoal.

Plain Felt Fabric size available in 5 sizes:
- 20cm x 20cm (approx. 8in x 8in),


.55 per sheet
- 20cm x 40cm (approx. 8in x 16in), .00 per sheet
- 40cm x 40cm (approx. 16in x 16in), .80 per sheet
- 1/2 Yard (approx. 45cm x 90cm or 18in x 36in), .60 per sheet
- 1 Yard (approx. 90cm x 90cm or 36in x 36in), .00 per sheet

Colors may vary slightly depending on your monitor and its settings.

Please convo me if you have any questions.

Please read Shop Policies before purchasing


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Max 55% OFF 45 Plain Felt Sheets - 20cm x 20cm per sheet - Pick your own col Outlet Discount Sale

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Max 55% OFF 45 Plain Felt Sheets - 20cm x 20cm per sheet - Pick your own col Outlet Discount Sale

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Max 55% OFF 45 Plain Felt Sheets - 20cm x 20cm per sheet - Pick your own col Outlet Discount Sale

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Max 55% OFF 45 Plain Felt Sheets - 20cm x 20cm per sheet - Pick your own col Outlet Discount Sale