Official Retail Store Modern Red Table Lamp cloth shade Chrome Base Retro 20.5quot; Shop Discounts Purchase

Modern Red Table Lamp cloth shade Chrome Base Retro 20.5quot;
Modern Red Table Lamp cloth shade Chrome Base Retro 20.5quot;

Modern Red Table Lamp cloth shade Chrome Base Retro 20.5quot;. In excellent condition. One standard bulb. Shade is in excellent condition. Great for desk or entry way. Works great. 8quot; x 8.5quot; diameter shade. 5.5quot; base.


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Official Retail Store Modern Red Table Lamp cloth shade Chrome Base Retro 20.5quot; Shop Discounts Purchase

Official Retail Store Modern Red Table Lamp cloth shade Chrome Base Retro 20.5quot; Shop Discounts Purchase Very nice rodochrosite ring in silver 925 sterling from Argentin embracing innovation has been a cornerstone of our growth and customer loyalty over the past 10 years – encompassing technologies such as ai, computer vision, natural language processing and machine translation. Very nice rodochrosite ring in silver 925 sterlingfrom Argentina.Very nice pink rodochrosite, excellent quality (transparent) from Argentina in an extravagant design with silver (925) sterling.The rodochrosite is mostly found in Argentina,partly also in Peru, but in Argentina there is a very nice quality.We obtain our rodochrosite directly from our reliable sources in the mines, mostly in raw form, and process the gemstone, so that the gemstone is genuine insofar as we can see the color inside the core during processing and cutting.Knowledge about the RodochrositeMine Capillitas and Catamarca ArgentinaChakra assignment: root chakraFeng Shui assignment: element fireIn stone healing, the rodochrosite causes the owner of this gemstone to take responsibility. In addition, the momentum is promoted.Mineral group: carbonateIt is becoming more and more difficult to find good qualities. That is why the rhodochrosite is divided into special and exclusive gemstones. The mining areas are Peru and especially Argentina. Most of the rhodochrosite from Peru that are exported to the world come from the Uchucchacua mine near Lima, the fifth largest silver mine in the world. The mine has been in operation since colonial times. In Argentina, the rhodochrosite is considered a national stone. The name rhodochrosite comes from the Greek word rhodochroos = rose-colored. Friedrich Hausmann (1782-1859) gave it the name quot;Rhodochrositequot;, which is still valid today, in 1813.The gemstone is mostly structural, banded in white.History of the rodochrositeThis stone was discovered in Argentina in the 13th century during the pre-Columbian era.The pink stone was discovered in the north-west of the country, then part of the Inca Empire, in mines for copper and silver production.With the fall of the Inca Empire, the mines were abandoned and the rhodocrosite was forgotten.According to the Inca legend, the Ajllas Temple stood on the holy shore of Lake Titicaca. The priestesses of the sun god Inti lived in this temple, which no one was allowed to enter. One day the warrior Canqui Tupac dared to cross the sacred lake and the high cliffs that protected the temple.When he got upstairs, he found himself in front of the beautiful priestess Nusta Ajlla and they immediately fell in love. Since their association was forbidden, they had to flee south.Furious with rage, the Inca emperor ordered his men to find the two lovers, in vain. The couple could then live their love for many years and have many children. When Nusta died, her body was buried on the nearby mountain. After the death of the woman of his life, Canqui#39;s body was turned to stone.Years later a shepherd, passing nearby, was struck by surprise that the stones had turned into a large blood-red rose petal. The shepherd picked up one of these petals and brought it to the Emperor of the Incas.Moved by this symbol, he forgave the lovers. The stone called Rosa del Inca has resolutely become a symbol of forgiveness, loyalty, willingness to make sacrifices and true love. It is also viewed in the Inca culture as a representation of the petrified blood of their ancient rulers. It was not until much later, in the 18th century, that the mines were discovered, which led to the rediscovery of rhodocrosite.France is fortunate to have numerous rhodochrosite deposits. These are mainly found in the Pyrenees, towards Guingamp in Brittany, at Faucogney-Saphoz in Haute-Saône and at Mas d#39;Alary in Hérault.Effect from stone healingOn the heart chakra, it should have an effect on the emotional and thus regulate emotions and feelings.On the solar plex chakra it is supposed to fight stress and help to develop self-confidence. It is also said to eliminate toxins in the liver and kidneys, soothe stomach ulcers and regulate blood sugar, invigorate the nervous system and reduce sleep disorders.Furthermore, the rhodochrosite is said to cope with stress attacks. Reservation Jewelry\ => Rings\ => Multi-Stone Rings A great ring. But then it was too big for me.But a super nice contact. A lot of effort was put into finding another suitable ring for me.I am more than happy amp; satisfied with the jewelry and the nice contact!The ring exceeded my expectations! The material has not been saved and it is very massive and stable without being clunky. The processing is also very carefully done. Beautiful!Super nice earrings. The triangular shape is just great! In addition, fast shipping and loving packaging. Gladly again!Wonderful turquoise! Bigger than I imagined, she has all the more beautiful one. The color and size are perfect. Good communication with the seller. This is my 3rd purchase with Naheed! Modern Red Table Lamp cloth shade Chrome Base Retro 20.5quot;

Official Retail Store Modern Red Table Lamp cloth shade Chrome Base Retro 20.5quot; Shop Discounts Purchase

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Official Retail Store Modern Red Table Lamp cloth shade Chrome Base Retro 20.5quot; Shop Discounts Purchase

Bike San Diego Hoodie - Men S M L XL 2x - Hoody, Sweatshirt, Bic either pick up the phone and give us a call direct or get online and send us an e-message. however you contact us, we'll aim to sort out any problem you have as quickly and effectively as possible. Modern Red Table Lamp cloth shade Chrome Base Retro 20.5quot; Official Retail Store Modern Red Table Lamp cloth shade Chrome Base Retro 20.5quot; Shop Discounts Purchase Clothing\ => Men's Clothing\ => Hoodies Sweatshirts\ => Hoodies Best Sellers Up to 50% Off Hand-Printed in the USA with Eco / Earth-Friendly Inks.Our Bike quot;San Diegoquot; hoodie for men!Represent with this classic design. It#39;s available here in your choice of several colors.Printed with eco-friendly inks on the Gildan 18500: An 8 oz. 50/50 men#39;s hooded sweatshirt with reduced-pill, air-jet spun yarn. Please note that 50/50 blends may have more of a vintage-style print due to fabric limitations.AVAILABLE SIZES AND COLORS:» Black» S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL» Dark Green» S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL» Navy Blue» S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL» Red» S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XLSee the size chart in our images to find your fit.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------CHOICES!!!This is also available in sweatshirts, short sleeve T-shirts for men, women, and kids, and more. Check out our shop: can also get it in custom colors or styles in the custom section of our store: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Please note that all of our items are printed by us when you order. We generally get orders printed and shipped out the door within three business days. Then they#39;re en route to you to make you a happy camper.Thanks!Your Friends at Smash Transit I bought this as a birthday gift for my father in law, who is from Detroit, Michigan. Orange and Navy color combination showed in sample pic was great and I loved it, but it turned out a little too dark in actual product unfortunately. Also the delivery took an extra 1week additionally to original ETA as the postal code printed to the parcel was a wrong one somehow.. He liked the gift so it’s all good now, but if you guys plan to purchase this, just know it could look a little darker than how you see it on the website.Thanks to smash for taking care of me! I ordered my son that lives in Texas a sweatshirt which never made it to him..I reached out to smash amp; they have sent me another one! Thank you so much for making this happen! You guys are great!! I will be ordering more from you guys!!My friend loved the hoodie she says it’s so comfyFit perfectly (Im a small woman's, got XS men's based off the chart!) Love the color, lightness, everything! Perfect for AZ fall game parties! Thank you!

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The ideXlab Open Innovation Platform is at the service of individuals, start-ups and SMEs to access external competencies to develop their products and services. 


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We have designed our pricing to deliver high value for money. Whether it's a one-off project or a recurring need.


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Digital transformation revolutionises both incremental innovation and breakthrough innovation with the help of innovation platforms

With the power of Natural Language Processing techniques and Open Data, our platform gives easy and fast access to hundreds of millions of publications and patents. It is a tool for rapidly absorbing new knowledge. Whether in engineering, life sciences, computer science and social sciences, all the latest knowledge becomes available. This is the first step towards co-creation and collaborative innovation.
Closed innovation is dead, long live open innovation !

The ideXlab Open Innovation Platform automatically ranks expertise on any topic and helps you select the most appropriate partners to your technical and business requirements.

10 million experts and 1 million innovative companies and startups are automatically detected by the ideXlab platform. You can identify them in seconds and offer them a conversation or collaboration. Open Innovation has never been so concrete!
Innovation processes can be tricky.

The subtleties of intellectual property or setting up an innovative business model with partners can justify expert assistance.

Whether you prefer online help or professional support, we have assembled a variety of solutions to help you with your projects. Our platform and our partners are available to help you in your search for short or long term research and development partnerships, technology transfers or problem solving.

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Official Retail Store Modern Red Table Lamp cloth shade Chrome Base Retro 20.5quot; Shop Discounts Purchase