Online Outlet Discount Linen Bloomers, 18 Different Colours, 7 Different Embroideries, UK Online Shop

Linen Bloomers, 18 Different Colours, 7 Different Embroideries,
Linen Bloomers, 18 Different Colours, 7 Different Embroideries,

Bloomers are made of 100% soft medium weight linen.


- Choose size and embroidery in the drop down menu
- Please write your preferred colour in the personalization bar (in the bottom of the drop down menu)
- Composition: 100% Oeko-Tex certified linen
- Medium weight linen
- Unisex
- Linen care: machine wash gentle; tumble dry low, ironing optional
- The price is for one pair of bloomers, other pictured items are not included


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Online Outlet Discount Linen Bloomers, 18 Different Colours, 7 Different Embroideries, UK Online Shop

Online Outlet Discount Linen Bloomers, 18 Different Colours, 7 Different Embroideries, UK Online Shop our aims to be available wherever and whenever you need it. below you'll find a variety of options to continue learning, watching and talking about technology. This is my most favorite shop! Love everything! The scents are all amazing g and wrapped with such love and care ?Oh wow!!! Smells amazing and I love the smell and I love the Sample powder that you sent, I will be back to order more and thank you very much..So beautifully packaged, almost didn’t want to undo the pretty ribbons! I cannot wait to use after my bath and send one to my sister as a gift! Beautiful ❤️Easter was very different and special this year. No thanks to Covid19! The fragrant after bath powder and puff was the perfect gift for one special little girl. Always a pleasure to buy from your shop. You are amazing! Discounted Buy Linen Bloomers, 18 Different Colours, 7 Different Embroideries, Sandalwood Charm Body Dusting Powder (single bag) Enjoy the color and charm of luxurious body dusting powder. A classic fragrance of East India and a popular choice of perfumes and aromatherapy to promote mental and physical clarity. Fragrant with alluring notes of woodsy, calming cedar, sandalwood, rose and jasmine. The fragrance of Sandalwood has been known to trigger calming or peaceful feelings, resulting in overall reduction in stress and healing.Captivating the warm and inviting attention of both men and women. Sandalwood Body Dusting Powder is soft, and feathery with light protection of silky clays and root powders you can trust to keep you cool and dry regulating skin moisture. Apply after bath or shower. Single bag for your convenience. Powder shaker and powder box with accessories sold separately. Use the single bag for refills, pour into shaker to take along in your purse, use while traveling or simply purchase them all.Listing is for 1 bag Additional items sold separately Net wt. 4 ouncesListing for:1 Pink cardboard 2-part powder box white inside and out. Measures 4 quot; diameter, bottom box height 2.5quot; top lid height 2quot;When top is placed over the bottom (it makes a snug fit but is easily removed), the overall height of the box 2.5quot; tall. Top has rolled lip for attractive look and sturdy design.Sifter insert These handy sifter inserts snap into the bottom section of the box, making a place for the puff to nestle in, and helps regulate the amount of powder that goes onto the puff.1 Pink Powder Puff 3 ½ to-4 inches wide by 3/4 inch thick.Very delicate cotton feel. Soft satin strap on the back.1 bag (4 ounces) Sandalwood Charm Dusting Powder Ingredients: Arrowroot Powder (Maranta Arundinacea), Tapicoca Starch (Manihot esculenta) Cornstarch, Sodium Bicarbonate, Zinc Oxide, Bentonite clay (Hydrous silicate alumina), FragranceSTAINLESS STEEL POWDER SHAKER NOT INCLUDED PURCHASED SEPARATELYAvailable Fragrances Listed: Please send an email to customize/change original fragrance. This box will hold 4 oz. powders. Sandalwood Charm Body Powder was chosen for this box and is included at purchase unless instructed otherwise. Price may vary upon change of fragrance and will be adjusted before purchase.Lavender VanillaChamomileVintage Quilt: woodsy musk, violet, peach, lily, orange, and jasminePistachio: cocoa, pistachio, almond, honey and vanillaFrankincense Myrrh: warm, woodsy pine, lemon and pepper combined with a cypress aromaPikake Flower: Hawaiian LeiSandalwood Charm: warm, incense, rich woodsy, calming cedar, sandalwood, rose and jasmineBlueberry Heaven: garden sweet, blueberry herb and thyme with notes of lime, vanilla and berries, floral and a hint of white rose.Sweet Raspberry Sugar: raspberry, white musk, lily and loganberry, rose nectar and berry blendsDaisy Lou: violet, strawberry, jasmine, vanilla, and muskBy the Water: Bergamot and white flower, Melon, Lilac, Jasmine, Lily of the Valley, Cedarwood Bath Beauty\ => Makeup Cosmetics\ => Face\ => Powders Sandalwood Powder Box

Online Outlet Discount Linen Bloomers, 18 Different Colours, 7 Different Embroideries, UK Online Shop

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Online Outlet Discount Linen Bloomers, 18 Different Colours, 7 Different Embroideries, UK Online Shop

Designer Sales Home Living\ => Lighting\ => Chandeliers Pendant Lights\ => Pendant Lights Beautiful..thick glass, solid brass fixtures. High quality and wonderfully packaged!! Exactly as pictured only better!!!The chandelier is stunning above our dining room table. The glass is really high quality and expertly crafted. The colors are slightly different than the picture. Well worth the wait!We, and everyone that visits our home, are in awe by these lights. They are stunning and added just the flair we needed in our mid-mod inspired kitchen. Thank you for creating such beautiful lighting.I’ve made two orders to this store now and I couldn’t be happier with either purchase!!! The colors are absolutely beautiful and the craftsman ship is impeccable! today, we are a member of online shop group with over 70 retail stores in usa and tokyo employing over 1,000 staff. Linen Bloomers, 18 Different Colours, 7 Different Embroideries, Mid Century Modern 3 Light PendantInspired by Mid Century style this colorful pendant light is our solution for a distinctive accent piece ideal as as a dining table lighting, kitchen lighting or a foyer chandelier.Colour Variant:Emerald / Amber Orange / AquamarineYou can also specify your favourite combination of colours in Personalization field.About the lighting fixture:Height of this fixture:100 cm (it can be adjusted upon your request)Glass shades used:Bell, Ellipse, Medium GlobeSocket type:E26 (United States and Canadian customers)E27 (European, Australian and New Zealand customers)Bulb: use max. 20 W led bulbs (not included)Ceiling Canopy: 30 cm, White, Powder coatedDimmable: yes​​Average lead time: 4 - 6 weeksBESPOKE:We would be glad to help you with your project and create a chandelier suited for your needs and expectations. Our team will offer you free 3d modelling assistance and compose your lighting following your instructions. Of course we will be in touch with you all the time long to go through all project details. Once you are happy with the outcome we will give the green light to the production and let our glassblowers work.SEE THE SPECIFICATION SHEETS FOR THE LIGHTING OPTIONS Small imperfections or slight variations in size and colour may occur as a result of a handmade process. Opening of the shades are made by separating bottom from the body when hot and flame polished. This results in ragged and irregular rim making every piece unique and unrepeatable. All lighting must be installed by a licensed electrician in accordance with the customer’s country’s current wiring and building regulations. It is the customer#39;s responsibility to ensure that all suspension points are sufficient to safely hold the fixture.We ship worldwide and package our products with Online Outlet Discount Linen Bloomers, 18 Different Colours, 7 Different Embroideries, UK Online Shop Cluster Pendant Lighting. Hand Blown Glass Pendant Lights. Light

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Online Outlet Discount Linen Bloomers, 18 Different Colours, 7 Different Embroideries, UK Online Shop