Big Discount Lot Vintage Lee Light Washed Denim Pants 12 Regular Max 50% OFF

Vintage Lee Light Washed Denim Pants 12 Regular
Vintage Lee Light Washed Denim Pants 12 Regular

Made in USA
Brand: Lee
Material: 100% Cotton
Color/Design: Light Washed Denim, 4 Pockets.
Size: 12 Reg
11in (28cm) Waist width
10in (25.5cm) Rise
25in (63.5cm) Inseam
Weight: 1.2lbs
Condition: Very
Please view ALL photos for flaws.


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Big Discount Lot Vintage Lee Light Washed Denim Pants 12 Regular Max 50% OFF

Discounts Offers Craft Supplies Tools\ => Fabric Notions\ => Notions\ => Thread Very nice and subtle copper color on the gold. Looking forward to working with this soon.These gold threads are glowing, exactly as described. The #3 is a very warm gold, and the #1 is super soft, can’t wait to try a few things!Like holding sunshine! Excited to use it in my needlepoint projects!I had been looking everywhere for pale gold, REAL pale gold (not the stuff which is plastic) and am quite happy with my purchase, definitely would buy from this seller again, cheers, D. Vintage 24k Copper tone Gold Thread 1/8 oz (Early 1920#39;s) Vintage Lee Light Washed Denim Pants 12 Regular like those who shop at our shop the team behind the company is energetic, open-minded and appreciates how fashion can form part of a modern lifestyle. Gold-Copper ToneThis is a #1 size thread, about the same as a regular sewing machine thread. It measures approximately 100 meters.Our gold, silver and platinum threads were made in the 1920#39;s by silk houses in Japan. The finest weaving using these threads were produced in a section of Kyoto known as Nishijin. The precious metal threads are extremely rare and are only available when an old silk house goes out of business. Even then, they might not have any of these rare threads in their inventory. I first acquired the threads in 2002. I have not seen them since, until my buyer in Japan contacted me and said that an old silk house was closing and that they had advertised some of the precious metal threads as part of their inventory. I gave him the go ahead. He was able to purchase most of what was being sold (at auction) and I was happy until I learned the price. Realizing that it might be another ten years before I saw them again at an even higher price, I took a deep breath and paid for them. I have tried to keep the prices reasonable. I hope you will understand that while 24k gold and silver are pricey, platinum is even more so. It#39;s hard to believe but the 24k gold, pure silver and platinum were hand wrapped by young children around a single silk thread. A one ounce skein measures 3,300 feet long! Tiny finger had to move very quickly to accomplish the task. While I am familiar with the gold, silver and platinum skeins, there are several others that I have never seen before; the small packets of a finer gauge wrapped in gold, and a much, much larger thread that almost looks like beads. Finally, there is a single packet of what looks like small round gold beads, most unusual. I apologize for the high prices on some of the skeins ask you to realize the age and the cost of the metals. Despite their age, the thread is still strong and usable. I hope you will appreciate them as much as I;gt;gt;gt;gt;gt;gt;gt;gt;gt;gt;gt;gt;gt;gt;gt;gt;gt;gt;gt;gt;gt;Color may very due to lighting for the picturegt;gt;gt;gt;gt;gt;gt;gt;gt;gt;gt;gt;gt;gt;gt;gt;gt;gt;gt;gt;gt;gt;gt;gt;gt;gt;gt;Return policy. Unless agreed upon before purchase, returns are not accepted but may be used for store credit Big Discount Lot Vintage Lee Light Washed Denim Pants 12 Regular Max 50% OFF

Big Discount Lot Vintage Lee Light Washed Denim Pants 12 Regular Max 50% OFF

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Big Discount Lot Vintage Lee Light Washed Denim Pants 12 Regular Max 50% OFF

Craft Supplies Tools\ => Fabric Notions\ => Lace Trims This is a dainty and classic Yellow Floral Vintage cotton embroidered ribbon from France, the soft yellow background compliments the blue, darker yellow and green floral design and the edge is finished with a white embroidered design, 1 1/4 inches wide.Sold by the yard. Perfect for a stylish sash, trim on any decoration or type of clothing. Big Discount Lot Vintage Lee Light Washed Denim Pants 12 Regular Max 50% OFF and if we have any special offers or alternatives that we think might be better suited we'll get in touch to discuss the options with you. I needed a small amount to finish dress I have made. I could not find anything that is suitable. So I was so pleased to have found this. It is very difficult because hardly any shops sell trim near to where I live in The United Kingdom. Thank you.This is the most beautiful trim I have ever used! The beading on the flowers is stunning and it went perfectly on the Rapunzel dress I made.Another high quality trim from my go to store for appliques, trims etc. It is hard to capture some colors accurately and what I truly rely on is how this shop owner manages to do so every time. This embroidered trim has a Dar green base cold very difficult to find in a striking geo pattern. Wow! KlhThis ribbon is amazing!!!!!! So pretty! A+ Outlet Discounts Online Vintage Lee Light Washed Denim Pants 12 Regular Vintage Cotton Embroidered Floral ribbon, Yellow, with Yellow, G

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Big Discount Lot Vintage Lee Light Washed Denim Pants 12 Regular Max 50% OFF