Max 78% OFF 11 Herman Melville Puzzles,Crosswords,Vocabulary Puzzles,Charact Outlet Sale Discount

11 Herman Melville Puzzles,Crosswords,Vocabulary Puzzles,Charact
11 Herman Melville Puzzles,Crosswords,Vocabulary Puzzles,Charact

This offering is a set of 11 puzzles centered about 3 of Herman Melville#39;s classics and Herman Melville. ALL are intended to be quot;foot off the accelerator but still learn somethingquot; puzzles. There is one puzzle on Melville, the author, and blends a little mental math (Your students WILL be able to handle the math . . . it#39;s adding and subtracting numbers mentally and an explanation IS given.) with learning some facts about Melville the man. The three classics involved are Moby-Dick, Billy Budd, and Typee. The 3 word searches are nice puzzles to be give BEFORE starting to read/discuss the book. They can be done individually by both middle school and high school students and could easily be given as an assignment after a test or before a break. The crosswords are a little more challenging (They can be done by individuals in upper grades or as teams in the lower high school levels and middle school.) and might be implemented as a form of review after having studied/read the book. They do NOT cover every little nuance of the book, rather simply a nice overview that enables learning beyond the classroom. About ten, or so, clues in each puzzle deal with the book, and these have clues that are in bold face. Remember! The point of a crossword is to have a little fun/challenge while you are learning something. You are not supposed to know each answer right away upon glancing at the clue. It would be no fun if you did. You’d have LEARNED nothing. (This is a message that might be imparted to your students.) I try to phrase enough of the clues so that a student/person will know many of the answers immediately . . . the rest of the clues I want to challenge the doer a little bit. When they’ve learned something through being challenged they’ll appreciate their accomplishment, and the experience, a lot more. (I also include in my answers to the crosswords explanations for some of the more quot;uncommonquot; clues and answers.) There are also four vocabulary puzzles (2 from words in Moby-Dick; one each for Billy Budd and Typee) that give words from each of the works. Three of the puzzles have words that, for the most part, we still use a lot today . . . and the extra Moby-Dick puzzle has words that involve parts of a whaling ship. The download should have 27 pages.


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Max 78% OFF 11 Herman Melville Puzzles,Crosswords,Vocabulary Puzzles,Charact Outlet Sale Discount

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Max 78% OFF 11 Herman Melville Puzzles,Crosswords,Vocabulary Puzzles,Charact Outlet Sale Discount

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Max 78% OFF 11 Herman Melville Puzzles,Crosswords,Vocabulary Puzzles,Charact Outlet Sale Discount

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Max 78% OFF 11 Herman Melville Puzzles,Crosswords,Vocabulary Puzzles,Charact Outlet Sale Discount