Online Store In USA Baby Bow Headband, Baby Headband, Baby Girl Headband, Elastic He Best Sellers Up to 30%

Baby Bow Headband, Baby Headband, Baby Girl Headband, Elastic He
Baby Bow Headband, Baby Headband, Baby Girl Headband, Elastic He


1. Package: Opp bag with the Kraft Bubble Mailer.

2. Quantity: we offer 1pcs, 5pcs, 14pcs,Please choose the quantity from the quot;optionsquot;.

3. Size:
Width of band: 15mm(5/8#39;#39; inch)
Length:35 cm(13.8#39;#39;inch)-36cm(14#39;#39;inch)

About the mixed color, please choose the color that you like.

Normally i will send random color to you if you won#39;t choose the color.

Please choose the color from the quot;optionsquot;.

converse : 1 inch = 2.54cm or 1cm = 0.393 inch

Item Code: AWH95


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Online Store In USA Baby Bow Headband, Baby Headband, Baby Girl Headband, Elastic He Best Sellers Up to 30%

Baby Bow Headband, Baby Headband, Baby Girl Headband, Elastic He Cowboy Way- PERSONOLIZED GIFT- This portrait painting that we may call it as quot;Custom Commissioned Painting. It made by needle felt technic on cotton textile. It is 100% Handmade Personalized Gift for yourself or to your loved ones.. It was made from only natural Wool cotton. It can be a perfect Christmas or Holiday Gift. Sample Size: 12.00quot; x 12.50quot;A cowboy is an animal herder who tends cattle on ranches in North America, traditionally on horseback, and often performs a multitude of other ranch-related tasks. The historic American cowboy of the late 19th century arose from the vaquero traditions of northern Mexico and became a figure of special significance and legend. A subtype, called a wrangler, specifically tends the horses used to work cattle. In addition to ranch work, some cowboys work for or participate in rodeos. Cowgirls, first defined as such in the late 19th century, had a less-well documented historical role, but in the modern world work at identical tasks and have obtained considerable respect for their achievements. Cattle handlers in many other parts of the world, particularly South America and Australia, perform work similar to the cowboy.Remember that a personalized gifts are the most beautiful and meaningful gifts for both Christmas and holiday times. You can present handicrafts made of photographs and felt paintings as magnificent as a carpet, including your own portraits or memories of good days to your loved ones. Share with me your own or your loved ones or memorial photography... Let#39;s turn it into a unique piece of art in Persian carpet quality...The felt paintings in question have a much richer appearance than oil or watercolor paintings in terms of both elegance and texture, and they are also very different as a fur effect in contact and weaving.Please do not think of the painting as a portrait only! You can share a family photo of yourself... Or it can also be a photo of a special and meaningful place for you or a landscape you love.... Or don#39;t you want to see a photo of your cute pets on the wall of your house? You can always send the photography through Etsy#39;s messages and get an offer. After mutually deciding on the size of the painting to be made and agree on terms, I will open a special sales link for you to place your order.After I start painting, I will share the progress stages with you and/or I will be in contact with you for any question. For that reason If you frequently check your Etsy messages for latest topic progress details or questions, no problem! We can meet right there...Otherwise, please share with me your most frequently used email address or your social media account name that we can message.It can makes a great Christmas or Thanksgiving gift for your home or loved one who loves art. At the same time, please keep in your mind that always preserves its value as a permanent handcrafted work of art for years.NEEDLE FELTING:The needle felting, which is made by fixing each natural wool fiber individually with a special needle, is a very demanding method but the result is worth it. Wool fibers create unusual textures and images. When we reflect these on the painting, we get a different result from the classical paints which is almost a 3D textured visually. Since the beginning of life, natural cellulose fiber and wool have served humanity#39;s spirit as a part of art while also serving to protect itself and survive. Did you know the art of wool felting is a very ancient craft and are good for your health? Because, natural wool has a healing vibes performance. Just like the copper bracelet, natural wool creates the same effect for human spirit and health. Therefore, do not hesitate to touch these pictures while there are so many synthetics around you, keep objects made of natural wool in your home. Especially if they have an artistic side as wall decor!So, a natural wool felted art painting is a thoughtful gift for your mom or dad, nature and felt art enthusiast, or for anyone who enjoys the colors and textures of fiber art.Felt is such a tactile medium, so I rarely frame it behind glass. A question I am often asked by prospective customers is, “How do you stop felt artwork from getting dusty?” I live with felt on my walls at home, and I can honestly say that it isn’t a problem - like most homes, mine gets a weekly hoover but the artwork itself doesn’t need much if any special treatment.❤️ LOOKING AFTER YOUR ARTWORK: Artwork should never be hung in direct sunlight, on a damp wall, or above a heating source. I use colorfast dyed wools and silks for longevity. Felt is a robust material, and can be displayed without glass or a frame, although it does need to be hung away from sticky fingers, and potential splashes and spillages. A professional framer can make a custom frame for your artwork if you decide you don’t want to take that risk.If you decide you don’t want to protect your artwork behind glass, it can be removed from your wall occasionally and tapped it... As you see, cleaning is very simple. You can remove dust with light movements, just shake like a small carpet. Only if it is necessity, you may hand-wash in cold water with very gentle movements. Please do not use any detergent soap. Please lay it flat and leave it to dry. Do not dry clean. you can iron by covering it with a clean slight wet cheesecloth or similar thin cotton fabric. Just keep in your mind that, you can use quot;hairsprayquot; to keep the felt fibers smooth and intact or to prevent the fibers from spreading around. ❤️ DELIVERY: Enjoy FREE and FASTEST DELIVERY by UPS express courier service. You will have your artwork in 4-6 days after we deliver your package for shipping, if you are from USA or Canada or Europe.. ❤️ NEEDLE FELT WALL ARTWORK -- Felt painting enriched with Tussah silk, Mulberry silk, multicolor beads and embroidery details. Brings a sophisticate touch into your home and office with its unique dimensional texture and strong colors. ❤️ INSPIRATIONAL NEEDLE FELT PAINTING -- Unique piece, perfect as decoration in any room of the house as well as in a stairwell.❤️ MATERIALS -- Natural felt, Angora and Merino wool, Tussah silk Mulberry silk yarns. ❤️ FRAME /HANGING -- My all artworks send without any frame within bubble envelope for easy safe shipping. It can be framed so it will remain the beauty for years without any care. It is also suitable just to hang directly on the wall with a double side adhesive tape. ❤️ WONDERFUL CHRISTMASS GIFT -- The texture of felt and rich color creates warm and luxury feelings. Looks great in the bedroom, living room and even in the nursery! Perfect for anyone who are both stylish and artful. Great for birthdays, other special occasions and holidays; Christmas, New Year, etc. An original and unique gift to be incorporated into your décor or that of a loved one.Please contact me with any questions! I#39;m always happy to help!Thanks for visiting my shop!❤️❤️❤️ Seattle Mall the most important thing to us is reader trust. This is very beautiful. I love the design, details and the colors. This was my first purchase outside the US. It was super easy! The seller was very attentive and mailed it immediately. I actually received it faster than a lot of domestic orders. I won’t hesitate again! Thanks!My second piece from Sacide and it's again just lovely. I wanted something super cheerful for a bedroom wall and this is it! I will get it matted and framed as I did the last one. They become some of my favorite pieces of art in the house with so much color and texture. Thank you again for such lovely work!!Love at first sight! I debated purchasing this Ottoman Harem Girl for a while until my husband asked me what I want for my Birthday. She arrived looking as beautiful as the picture on the website. Although I haven’t hung her up yet, I visit her frequently, and always walk away awed by the impressive talent and passion that went into creating this exquisite and detailed art work. Last but not least, the added bonus was the personable customer service. The Artist contacted me immediately after my purchase, kept me updated along the way, and even contacted me soon after my piece arrived. If you are debating whether to make the purchase like I did, there is no reason to worry or delay, I am confident that you will be as delighted as I am.Mesmerizing! I recently purchased my first piece of art from KecheFineArt (previous review below) and thus began my frequent re-visit of the site to see if anything new was added. 'Te Fiti' caught my eyes immediately, my attraction to this abstract was unbelievable. As with my first order, Sacide contacted me immediately to confirm shipping and delivery, repeating her outstanding customer service. 'Te Fiti' arrived within a few days and in perfect condition; she is more beautiful than pictured on the website. I said it before and I will say it again, if you are pondering a purchase from this artist, wait no more. My re-visits continue, I have a lot of empty walls in my house to fill! Cowboy Way - Felt Art Painting, Custom Commissioned Painting, Ha Online Store In USA Baby Bow Headband, Baby Headband, Baby Girl Headband, Elastic He Best Sellers Up to 30% Art Collectibles\ => Fiber Arts\ => Felting

Online Store In USA Baby Bow Headband, Baby Headband, Baby Girl Headband, Elastic He Best Sellers Up to 30%

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Online Store In USA Baby Bow Headband, Baby Headband, Baby Girl Headband, Elastic He Best Sellers Up to 30%

Online Store In USA Baby Bow Headband, Baby Headband, Baby Girl Headband, Elastic He Best Sellers Up to 30% Wow! Arrived fast, like the eagle on the USPS logo-just in time for protection from the polar vortex. These mittens look fabulous with my red wool coat and are a toasty tribute to the marvels of fleece.Toasty and cozy are the hands nestled into fine, funky fleece mittens from marvelous Mismi. Delivered speedily. Friendly, caring mitten-maker. I wish I could afford to buy a pair for everyone in North America to enjoy winter with artistic hand coverings. They are conversation-starters: "Wow! Where did you get those gorgeous mittens?"These are very comfortable and warm mittens. In 20 degree weather, they kept my fingers toasty warm. They are soft, cozy and very well made. They arrived within 2 days of ordering. I will order more as gifts.Absolutely LOVE my soft, well-made mittens in this unique color. My Mom and niece have both said they’d like a pair. Will definitely be ordering more! ♥️ Double layer fleece mittens in red, navy, turquoise and white pa Baby Bow Headband, Baby Headband, Baby Girl Headband, Elastic He Double layer fleece mittens in fun, funky fabric!These fleece mittens are made in a pattern of stripes, dots and swirls, in red, navy, turquoise and white. They are lined with fleece and have elastic in the wrist to keep out the cold.Size: Adult MediumSizing is approximate, but here is an estimate:Measure from the base of your hand to the tip of your longest finger.Adult Medium: 6.5 - 7 inchesAdult Large: 7.0 -7.5 inchesCare: machine wash cold, tumble dry low Max 80% OFF Accessories\ => Gloves Mittens\ => Mittens Muffs\ => Mittens in our desire to bring the brightest and coolest items to our stores, teams dedicated to particular niche segments use their skills and knowledge to spot the trends ahead of the curve and provide brands with a platform from which to build throughout the store network.

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Online Store In USA Baby Bow Headband, Baby Headband, Baby Girl Headband, Elastic He Best Sellers Up to 30%