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Large Ink Ornament 2
Large Ink Ornament 2

Original alcohol ink on a 4.5 inch sphere ornament


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Sale UK Online Store For Large Ink Ornament 2 Online Wholesale +

Chess pieces will be ready and sent within 3-4 weeks!Reproduction of a Soviet chess set from the 1940s-1950s. All chess pieces have metal weighting. The pieces bottoms are finished with black felt.King is 10.2 cm, the base diameter is 40 mmPawn is 5.2 cm, the base diameter is 35 mmChessboard is not included!The pieces made by my husband and me.We do not say that our chess sets are better or worse than the Soviet ones, they are just the same! All our chess sets, like the Soviet ones, are made by hand, the copier is not used! All chess pieces are made in style inherent in Soviet masters. The color is the same as in most Soviet chess sets has a beautiful color. Each our chess piece is painted by hand, in such way were painted many of the famous Soviet sets. This gives uniqueness and light vintage patina to our chess sets.Handmade. Made in Ukraine!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Delivery usually takes about 7-35 days.PLEASE ASK ALL THAT YOU WANT TO REFINE BEFORE PURCHASE.I will be happy to answer any questions!Best wishes,Kate Toys Games\ => Games Puzzles\ => Board Games\ => Chess I just love these pieces - tall, graceful, and sporting elements found in both Russian and Latvian traditional sets. Also, the shade of the light pieces beautifully mimics the patina which is often present on antique sets and all of the pieces have a highly polished glow. Nicely done, ER Wood Leather Shop and thank you for your friendly, helpful communications. You've certainly got my vote!I and my chess friend both liked this set so much that we ordered two! They're such eye catchers and so, so graceful! Also, it's always a pleasure communicating with Kate as she really goes out of her way to get everything just right! Thank you ER Wood Leather Shop!!A lovely set, a very artistic and clever recreation. There is a touch of whimsy and caricature in the pieces that would make them not out of place with Alice in her Wonderland. The lines and curves are elongated and sweeping, graceful. The glassware-like stems add to the lightness and delicacy of the pieces which are very agile in hand. Details are subtle, from the rook’s carved base and gentle castellations, echoed in the Queen’s coronet, to the haptic overhang of the King’s crown, to the more prominent knight, athletic with the beautiful peculiarity of a greyhound. The pawns, while light to the touch, carry large bases which reiterate the strength they exert in shaping positions. A work of passion, art.Fabulious craftmanship. I love it ! Large Ink Ornament 2 from emerging trends to worldwide fashion movements, we provide is a unique source of global fashion intelligence. Dallas Mall Sale UK Online Store For Large Ink Ornament 2 Online Wholesale + Reproduction of the Soviet chess set. USSR chess. Soviet chess s

Sale UK Online Store For Large Ink Ornament 2 Online Wholesale +

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Sale UK Online Store For Large Ink Ornament 2 Online Wholesale +

Large Ink Ornament 2 our factry has been a leader in top quality, name brand electronics at exceptionally low prices. Cute sunglasses at a great price .Sugar and Style gave amazing customer service providing me with a next day delivery on my request. I was so impressed with the product too - gorgeous sunglasses and a very good quality item Thank you Sugar and Style !!I thrifted a fall sweater and wanted some round orange shades to go with them and these were perfect! They were exactly as described and looked fabulous :) Thank you!Lovely the sunglasses so much, ordered another pair immediately! Great product and fantastic service too! Would have given 6 stars if I could! Thank you xxx Coral Half Frame Sunglasses Max 64% OFF Sale UK Online Store For Large Ink Ornament 2 Online Wholesale + Meet the new cool. Half frame sunglasses with a thick statement rim and tinted lens. Keep one step ahead of the trend with this futuristic pair. Acetate frames Tinted lenses UV400 protection Accessories\ => Sunglasses Eyewear\ => Sunglasses

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