Charlotte Mall Small Silver Rectangle Studs - Bag of 50 Cheap USA Outlet Online

Small Silver Rectangle Studs - Bag of 50
Small Silver Rectangle Studs - Bag of 50

Small Rectangle Studs

Rectangular and slightly raised with two prongs, these are great for DIY clothing or any other crafts and costumes.

L: 5/8quot; (16mm)

W: 3/8quot; (10mm)


Scan science and technology

Charlotte Mall Small Silver Rectangle Studs - Bag of 50 Cheap USA Outlet Online

Max 44% OFF Christmas Hair Combs (PAIR) Festive and Fun Hair accessories for Weddings\ => Accessories\ => Hair Accessories\ => Decorative Combs This is a pair of hand-decorated Christmas hair combs. They are bright and festive and fun! Perfect hair accessories for every day or party attire during the holiday season! This is a set of two. The combs are 7 CM long with 14 #39;teeth#39; and are made of plastic. They#39;re decorated with festive ribbons. Three styles to choose from! Small Silver Rectangle Studs - Bag of 50 whether you’re a wholesaler looking to increase revenues, a retailer who refuses to pay the high prices in your country, or a shopper looking to get hold of the latest products, we provides light-speed service and wholesale prices. The combs are so cute and festive. It will be fun to wear them.This little owl is beyond cute!!! He's very detailed, well-made and very whimsical! He's definitely not an ugly duckling! He's so adorable and makes me laugh, so I named him "Isaac" (which means "He laughs"). Desiree's art is incredible! Check out her masks and incredibly cool trees. Desiree is an artist that does not disappoint (and she's a really nice person too!!). Thank you Desiree for sharing your artist gift!! I highly recommend this shop!!!I put my wonderful tree with a tombstone, pumpkins and bones on my ledge at work. People stop in mid-talk when walking by to say “OMG, these are great!” and 2 people actually bought their own sets. They look better in real life as you can see more detail. The unique expressions and cool leaves, mushrooms and moss really pop when you have it right there in front of you. The seller is courteous and responsive and I got my goods in record time. And that she makes her own clay is incredible to me. Definitely a 2 thumbs-up purchase!Amazingly crafted mask! I wore to a Halloween party and it was a smashing hit- I was the BIRDMAN! The mask held up well despite aggressive dancing and I will surely be wearing it again in the future. Highly recommend. Charlotte Mall Small Silver Rectangle Studs - Bag of 50 Cheap USA Outlet Online

Charlotte Mall Small Silver Rectangle Studs - Bag of 50 Cheap USA Outlet Online

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Charlotte Mall Small Silver Rectangle Studs - Bag of 50 Cheap USA Outlet Online

Custom Wax Seal Stamp Kit,Wax Seal Set,Wax Seal Kit,Wedding Seal explore products various technologies, find details of new product launches, get details of the latest offers and shop with the comfort and trust. Small Silver Rectangle Studs - Bag of 50 Charlotte Mall Small Silver Rectangle Studs - Bag of 50 Cheap USA Outlet Online Craft Supplies Tools\ => Stamps Seals\ => Seals\ => Wax Seals Custom wax seal set to meet your needs!Wax seals make your letters, documents or invitations more special. As a gift to family and friends, it is a good choice. They will love this special and meaningful gift!!-------------------------------------------------- ----HOW TO ORDER:1: Please choose the logo you need to buy2. Leave me a message with your initials or name (if you need to customize your own logo, please send me the pattern you need)3: Leave me a message with wax color you need(defaults to the color in the first image)4: Check the design and approve the production5: Waiting to receive the package!-------------------------------------------------- ----KIT INCLUDES:Gift box *1Stamp*1 with handle (The stamp head is round in shape, if you need other shapes, please contact me)Wax *1 bottle, about 180pcs, Wax*1 box, about 10pcs, please leave me a message with the color of wax you need (defaults to the color in the first image)Paint spoon *1Coloring pen*1 (gold)-------------------------------------------------- ----ABOUT PRODUCTS:1) stamp diameter is 1 inch(25 mm) or 1.2 inch(30 mm), I will decide its size according to the pattern. If you need other sizes, please contact me!!2) detachable stamp head, one handle can be used for multiple stamp heads.3) Made of pure copper, it is easy to heat and use, and the handle protects your hands from scalding. The carving is clear, and the pattern can be displayed well.4) Use it with our sealing wax beads to make your letters and documents extra special.5) I accept customization, please contact me if you need other patterns and sizes!-------------------------------------------------- ----MORE ACCESSORIES:1)If you need more bottled wax, please click this link: you need wax furnace, please click this link: ----TRANSPORTATION:1) the production time takes 2-5 days2) American transportation takes 5-7 days and international transportation takes 12-25 days-------------------------------------------------- ----PACKAGING:The default carton packaging, if you need gift packaging, please leave me a message!-------------------------------------------------- ----Please contact me if you have any questions. Best wishes!! Buying Store Cheap

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Charlotte Mall Small Silver Rectangle Studs - Bag of 50 Cheap USA Outlet Online