Seller Online Retro Christmas Cookie Tin Darling Deer Holiday Container Pink 1 Clearance Online Here

Retro Christmas Cookie Tin Darling Deer Holiday Container Pink 1
Retro Christmas Cookie Tin Darling Deer Holiday Container Pink 1

Our Most popular design is now available on Holiday Cookie Tins!
Our Retro Darling Deer Tin is the pefect container for your sweet holiday treats.

~Digitally Printed Lid
~White Base
~Made in the USA
~Inside surfaces are FDA approved for contact with food.
~Perfect for cookies, candies, cakes, nuts, brownies, pastries, and more.
~Tin Size: 7 3/16quot; x 2 5/8quot;
~Recyclable tin-plated steel
*cookies not included

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If you are in the Southern New Jersey Area swing on into the Carnival of Collectables Antique Mall to Visit our Booth!

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Seller Online Retro Christmas Cookie Tin Darling Deer Holiday Container Pink 1 Clearance Online Here

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Seller Online Retro Christmas Cookie Tin Darling Deer Holiday Container Pink 1 Clearance Online Here

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Seller Online Retro Christmas Cookie Tin Darling Deer Holiday Container Pink 1 Clearance Online Here

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The ideXlab Open Innovation Platform automatically ranks expertise on any topic and helps you select the most appropriate partners to your technical and business requirements.

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Seller Online Retro Christmas Cookie Tin Darling Deer Holiday Container Pink 1 Clearance Online Here