Big Sales Colorful Macrame Hair Wraps-Removable Hair Accessories- Cotton H Free Worldwide Delivery +

Colorful Macrame Hair Wraps-Removable Hair Accessories- Cotton H
Colorful Macrame Hair Wraps-Removable Hair Accessories- Cotton H

Beautiful macrame cotton hair wrap that you can put on or take off whenever you want! Every hair wrap has 3 attachment options that are included in the price: a black weft clip covered in silicone and very resistant, three mini rubber bands that you can attach to the jump ring of the hair wrap and then tie to your hair or make a little braid that goes through the jump ring fixing the hair wrap in place. The instructions are in the photo above!
I recommend always choosing strands of hair that aren#39;t on the top layer of your head, so once the attachment is placed you can hide it with the top layer of your hair.

This hair wrap is made using the macrame weaving technique and the main material are cotton threads. This hair wrap is red, ochre, brown, and beige, decorated with colorful beads and golden trinkets. The full length of this hair wrap is 42 cm. IF YOU PREFER A LONGER OR SHORTER ONE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME AND I WILL MAKE IT FOR YOU, NO ADDITIONAL COSTS!

It#39;s very light and if attached well feels weightless. Wearing these braids truly gives you a Pocahontas princess feel! And they are a great original present for your BFF, daughter or girlfriend!

I am very fond of this piece of jewelry as it#39;s where I started off as a jewelry maker. I love these braids myself. Not to boast or anything but I actually started making them because I was so in love with hair wraps but I could never find ones that I really liked (if I could find any at all!) and these babies are quite unique. You will not find anything similar on the market. Even between my own hair wraps, I can never repeat one exactly the same. They are all different and unique.

If you like my style, please have a look at my shop and see if there is something more you like. There are always discount in my shop if you purchase more items.. click on the link below and don#39;t forget to put my shop into your favorite for staying always up to date about new creations and special offers ;) ...


*GIFT BAG INCLUDED! (see above in the photo)

Feel free to contact me for any more information, quot;how to usequot; tutorials or advice. I would love to help!

Check out my Etsy shop:

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Big Sales Colorful Macrame Hair Wraps-Removable Hair Accessories- Cotton H Free Worldwide Delivery +

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Big Sales Colorful Macrame Hair Wraps-Removable Hair Accessories- Cotton H Free Worldwide Delivery +

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Big Sales Colorful Macrame Hair Wraps-Removable Hair Accessories- Cotton H Free Worldwide Delivery +

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Big Sales Colorful Macrame Hair Wraps-Removable Hair Accessories- Cotton H Free Worldwide Delivery +