Challenge the lowest price Custom Made Mirror Mosiac Wall Art, Personalized Art, Customized Atlanta Mall

Custom Made Mirror Mosiac Wall Art, Personalized Art, Customized
Custom Made Mirror Mosiac Wall Art, Personalized Art, Customized


Custom mirror mosaic wall art made to order.

Please contact me prior to placing an order so we can discuss what you want.

Price and prep time depends on design size.


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Challenge the lowest price Custom Made Mirror Mosiac Wall Art, Personalized Art, Customized Atlanta Mall

Clearance Stores 100% buyers who shop here marketplace and its localized counterparts, enjoy a highly personalized experience with an unparalleled selection at great value. Custom Made Mirror Mosiac Wall Art, Personalized Art, Customized The “Madeline” Pearl Dog Collar, Pearls for Dogs, Flower Dog Col Olive Pearls works hard to provide you with top notch, handmade products and amazing, customer service. As we enter into this year#39;s Holiday Season, please be sure to check our lead time on orders. It may be helpful to choose an expedited shipping option at checkout, but make sure you check the delivery estimates first. Please feel fee to ask us any questions as well!The “Madeline” Pearl Dog Collar is a great way to feed your feminine side! Beautiful, white pearls and a large, offset flower make for a simple and elegant pairing. We have many color choices available for the flower, so if you don’t see the one you want listed, just ask!•Our collars are made with 300 Lb test, coated, steel cable and secured using a heavy duty Swaging tool for maximum strength and security!•More than just a beaded dog collar, each of our collars is a handmade work of art. Each piece is specially made just for your pup! •Leash approved, functional collar! •Our collars are sealed with an additional acrylic top coat to help ensure the longevity of your pearls •Pearls measure 14mm•Flower is roughly 40mm•The length you choose in the options will be the total INSIDE circumference of the collar. This includes the closure while measuring. Please view the listing photos for more details.•Your hardware will vary in size based on the size of your collar. •Please read the entire listing for important information about our Hardware Options.•This collar comes in multiple color options. Be sure to check these in th drop down menu.★Slip-On Over the Head Hardware Options: These hardware styles are the best choice for those who plan to attach their collar to a leash. These do not open. Please refer to listing photos for more information.-Martingale (M.Ch)-quot;Oquot; Ring (quot;Oquot;) -To measure for MARTINGALE and quot;Oquot; Ring Hardware collars, measure around the widest part of the head, keeping the tape snug. ★Clasp Style Hardware Options: These hardware styles are best for those who plan to use their collar as a necklace.-Silver (S)-Gold (G)-Rainbow (R)-Black (B) -To measure for the CLASP Hardware collars, measure the INSIDE circumference of your pet#39;s current collar. Be sure to close/snap the collar before measuring. Do not measure end to end. This will result in your collar being too big.★In order to help you get the correct measurement we have included the quot;AVERAGEquot; neck measurements and collar sizes of various breeds below. REMEMBER: Your dog may not be average and that these are simply to let you know if you are quot;in the right neighborhoodquot; with your measurement. Each dog is unique and different, so keep that in mind! *Sizes are Exclusive to Olive Pearls*• AFGHAN 15-18″; 58-64 LBS, Size M/L• AIRDALE 16-22″; 42-46 LBS,Size M/L• AKITA 19-24″; 70-130 LBS, Size L/XL• ALAS MALA 17-22″; 40-120 LBS,Size M/L• AMER ESKIMO 16-20″; 18-35 LBS, Size L• AMER. PIT 15-20”; 35-55 LBS, Size M/L• AUS. CATTLE 15-22″; 31-35 LBS,Size M/L• AUS KELPIE 15-21″; 25-45 LBS, Size M/L• AUS SHEP 16-22″; 35-75 LBS, Size L• BASENJI 10-14″; 20-26 LBS, Size S/M• BASSET H. 14-19″; 40-60 LBS, Size M• BEAGLE 12-18″; 18-30 LBS, Size S/M• BEDLIN TER 13-18″; 17-23 LBS,Size M• BELGIAN MAL 16-20″; 55-75 LBS,Size M/L• BERNESE MTN 18-24″;75-100 LBS,XL • BICHON FRISE 12-16″; 10-14 LBS,Size S/M• BLK/TAN COON 18-22″; 70-85 LBS, Size L• BLDHOUND 18-23″; 88-105 LBS, Size XL• BLUE HEEL 18-22″; 30-35 LBS, Size XL,• BORD COLLIE 14-18″; 30-45 LBS,Size M• BOSTON TER 12-15″; 10-25 LBS, Size S• BOUV DES F 19-23″; 60-77 LBS,Size L/XL• BOXER 16-22″; 55-75 LBS, Size L/XL• BRITANY 14-16″; 30-40 LBS, Size M• BULL AMER 18-22″; 60-100 LBS,Size L/XL• BULL ENG 18-24″; 40-55 LBS, Size L/XL• BULLDOG FRE 12-16″; 18-28 LBS, Size M• BULLMASTIFF 26-28″;100-150 LBS, XXL• BULL TERRIER 12-18″ ; 50-60 LBS, Size L• CAIRN TER 10-14″ ;12-16 LBS, Size S/M• CANE CORSO 22-30″ ; 100-160 LBS, XXL• CAU SHEP 22-26″, 100-200 LBS, Size XXL• CAV KING CHAR 10-14″ ; 14-20 LBS, S• CHIHUAHUA 8-12″; 2-6 LBS, Size XXS• CHI CRESTED 8-11″; 5-10 LBS, Size XXS• CHOW 18-22; 45-65 LBS, Size L/XL• COCKER SPAN 12-16″; 24-60 LBS,Size M• COLLIE 18-22″; 50-75 LBS, Size L• CORGI 13-16″; 25-38 LBS, Size M• DACHS STAN 12-16″ ; 16-32 LBS,Size S/M• DACHS MINI 8-14″ ; 9-15 LBS, Size XS/S• DALMATIAN 16-20″; 45-65 LBS, Size L• DOBERMAN 18-22″; 66-88 LBS,Size L/XL• FOX TER 10-14″; 14-18 LBS, Size S• GER SHEP 18-24″; 65-95 LBS, Size XL• GER SH POIN 18-22″;45-70 LBS,Size L/XL• GOLD RETR 16-22″; 55-75 LBS, Size L/XL• GR DANE 20-26″; 125-145LBS,Size XXL• GR PYREN 22-28″; 90-150 LBS,Size XXL• GREYHOUND 14-18″; 55-80 LBS,Size M/L• GR H. ITALIAN 8-11″ ; 7-12 LBS, Size XS• HAVANESE 8-14″ ; 7-13 LBS, Size XS• IRISH TER 16-20″ ; 25-27 LBS, Size L• IRISH SET 16-22″ ; 53-70 LBS, Size L/XL• IR.WOLF 20-26quot;;115-120 LBS,SizeXl/XXL• JACK RUSS TER 10-14quot;; 9-15 LBS, Size S• LAB 18-22″; 55-75 LBS, Size Extra L/XXL• LABDOO 14-20″; 50-65 LBS, Size L/XL• LHASA APSO 12-15″; 13-15 LBS, Size S• MALTESE 10-14″; 6-9 LBS, Size XS• M. AMER ESKIMO 13-16”;15-25 LBS,sizeM• M. AUS SHEP 10”-14”; 15-35 LBS, Size XS• MINI BULLT 14-18″; 25-40 LBS, Size M• M. GOLDDOO 14-16″;30-45 LBS, SizeM• M. LABDOODLE 12-16″; 30-50 LBS,SizeM• MINI PINSCHER 8-11″; 8-10 LBS, Size XXS• NEWF 22-28″; 110-152 LBS, Size XXL• OLD ENG SH 18-24″ 60-80 LBS, SizeXL• PAPILLON 8-12″; 9-11 LBS, Size XXS• PEKINGESE 12-15″; 8-10 LBS, Size XXS/S• PIT BULL 14-20″; 30-80LBS, Size L/XL• POMERANIAN 9-12″; 9-13 LBS,Size XXS• POODLE MINI 10-14″;24-28 LBS,Size XS• POODLE STAN 14-19″;45-70 LBS,Size L• POODLE TOY 8-14″; 12-17 LBS,Size M• PUG 12-15″; 14-18 LBS, Size S• PUGGLE 12-16″; 15-30 LBS, Size S• RAT TER 9-12″; 11-14 LBS,Size Extra S• RHOD RIDG 18-24″;80-120 LBS,Size L/XL• ROTTW. 18-24″; 80-120 LBS, Size L/XL• ST. BERN 22-30; 130-230 LBS, Size XXL• SALUKI 13-18″ ; 35-50 LBS, Size S/M• SCHIPPERKE 10-14″;14-45 LBS,Size XS/S • SCH. GIANT 18-24″ ;70-100 LBS,Size XL• SCH. STAN 14-20″; 30-50 LBS,Size M/L• SCHN MINI 10-15″; 13-15 LBS, Size S/M• SCOT TERR 12-18″; 19-35 LBS, Size S/M• SHAR PEI 16-20″; 35-55 LBS, Size M/L• SHELTIE” 11-18″; 11-24 LBS, Size S/M• SHIBA INU 14-17″; 17-30 LBS, Size M• SHIH TZU 10-14″; 11-15 LBS, Size X S/S• SIB HUSKY 16-22″; 40-55 LBS,Size L/XL• SILKY TER 9-12″ 8-10 LBS, Size X S• SPRI SPANIEL 14-18″ ; 49-55 LBS,Size M• STAFF TERR 18-23″; 50-65 LBS,Size L/XL• VIZSLA 14-18; 49-62 LBS, Size M/L• WEIMARANER 16-20″; 55-85 LBS, Size L• WEST HI TER 12-16″; 15-22 LBS, Size S• WHEATEN TER 16-20″; 32-37LBS,L/XL• WHIPPET 8-14″; 30-35 LBS,Size XS/S• YORK TER 6-12″; 6-9 LBS, XS/Custom Challenge the lowest price Custom Made Mirror Mosiac Wall Art, Personalized Art, Customized Atlanta Mall Pet Supplies\ => Pet Collars Leashes\ => Pet Collars Jewelry

Challenge the lowest price Custom Made Mirror Mosiac Wall Art, Personalized Art, Customized Atlanta Mall

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Challenge the lowest price Custom Made Mirror Mosiac Wall Art, Personalized Art, Customized Atlanta Mall

USA Goose Coquille, 1 Pack - 2-3quot; Purple Goose Coquille Loo Custom Made Mirror Mosiac Wall Art, Personalized Art, Customized Craft Supplies Tools\ => Decorations Embellishments\ => Feathers Seller is great, prompt communication and super fast shipping! Repeat customer, planning on purchasing again for sure!very good, as always. Thank you very muchExcellent product and fast delivery! Thank you :)So beautiful and what a deal! I got so many in the pack, no I have to find some creative ideas for what I have left This listing is for 1 pack of loose dyed purple goose coquille feathers. These feathers are packed by weight and there are approximately 80-100 feathers in this pack. These goose feathers are approximately 2quot; - 3quot; in length, some possibly shorter or longer.These goose coquille feathers are body feathers from domestic goose which is very light weight and fluffy. It is very versatile and has many uses in crafting projects, mask making, costume designing, pillow fight scene and other applications like wedding invitations where a small feather is desired. These feathers are packed by weight so there will be a mix of imperfect feathers in it but please rest assures that you are getting high quality goose feathers. You can steam, use curling iron or wash them to restore them if they have been bent in the packaging. Wholesale and quantity discount of these goose feathers is available. Feathers are in stock and ready for immediate shipment upon purchase.Please note that dyed feathers may vary slightly in color as a result of being in different dye lots. Although the differences should only be slight, please contact us if you need the colors to match. we have a team of experts on hand to help you choose the right product for your needs. Wholesale Websites Challenge the lowest price Custom Made Mirror Mosiac Wall Art, Personalized Art, Customized Atlanta Mall

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Challenge the lowest price Custom Made Mirror Mosiac Wall Art, Personalized Art, Customized Atlanta Mall