Cheap On Sale With Free Shipping 50% off~~~ Newly Listed~~~ Natural Fresh Water Pearls ~~~ 3.5-4 Coupons

50% off~~~ Newly Listed~~~ Natural Fresh Water Pearls ~~~ 3.5-4
50% off~~~ Newly Listed~~~ Natural Fresh Water Pearls ~~~ 3.5-4

Production Description:--- Tiny Fresh Water Pearls.Loose pearls for making jewelry

Stone Name :-- Natural Fresh Water Pearls
Pearls Shape:-- Fancy Smooth (Rice shape)
Quality: AAA+
Size :-- 3.5-4 mm
Color:-- white natural
Strand:--13 inches full size long

The photographs of the items have been taken in natural daylight, without any enhancements or affects and all attempts have been made to depict the colour of the gemstones accurately.
Due to the use of natural gemstones, gemstone colours may vary slightly.

Most items are shipped directly from Australia. However, large quantities and certain items may be shipped from our production partner in India


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Cheap On Sale With Free Shipping 50% off~~~ Newly Listed~~~ Natural Fresh Water Pearls ~~~ 3.5-4 Coupons

50% off~~~ Newly Listed~~~ Natural Fresh Water Pearls ~~~ 3.5-4 Pebble art couple, couple on the swing, anniversary gift, engage our stores and website offer over 5000 products and more than 200 brands with year-round promotional offers and even no cost emi options. Welcome to my shop.All my pictures are made from locally sourced materials and living in the heart of Sherwood forest (Robin hood country) the area never fails to produce wonderful materials that I can use in the creation of my artwork.The picture is housed within a (23 cm x 23 cm) box frame and mounted behind (2 mm) high strength/grade picture frame glass, I do not use plastic as it is prone to discoloration over time and is easily cracked it also has no UV protection to protect the picture unlike the glass.This picture is made to order as the one shown has been sold,it will be made to near identical, you are more than welcome to customise this picture any way you choose.I am more than happy to provide you with a mock up before I fix the artwork permanently just to ensure that you are happy with your piece, please let me know via conversation if you would like me to provide you with one.I am more than happy to put quotes/messages on the picture at request at no extra cost and also create pictures to order.All my pictures have been fixed with a high strength glue which has been carefully placed meaning no signs of it can be seen at all (I pride myself in this) I also take great care in packaging my artwork in extra strong boxes that I have had custom made to suit the frame size ensuring it arrives in the same condition it was sent in.If you would like any further information regarding this picture or any other picture then please feel free to ask and I will be more than happy to help.Thank you for your interest. This was for my parents aniversary. They loved it and my sister and I both loved it too. This product is beautiful and it was deliver quickly and fastHere's the end result, with my multiple personalization requests; it's even better than I had hoped! I'll definitely be ordering more of these unique creations! I probably won't be able to wait until their October anniversary to give this to my son and his beautiful wife (and their teen-age twins) ... = )This was perfect. It was a 10 year anniversary gift for my daughter and son-in-law. They loved, hung it up immediately, took a photo and then called to thank us. This was mailed oversees and arrived perfectly in plenty of time and I had it shipped directly to them.Perfect! This is so beautiful! Shipping was so fast! Art Collectibles\ => Mixed Media Collage\ => Other Assemblage Cheap On Sale With Free Shipping 50% off~~~ Newly Listed~~~ Natural Fresh Water Pearls ~~~ 3.5-4 Coupons Factory Outlet Shop

Cheap On Sale With Free Shipping 50% off~~~ Newly Listed~~~ Natural Fresh Water Pearls ~~~ 3.5-4 Coupons

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Cheap On Sale With Free Shipping 50% off~~~ Newly Listed~~~ Natural Fresh Water Pearls ~~~ 3.5-4 Coupons

50% off~~~ Newly Listed~~~ Natural Fresh Water Pearls ~~~ 3.5-4 Bath Beauty\ => Baby Child Care\ => Feeding Cheap On Sale With Free Shipping 50% off~~~ Newly Listed~~~ Natural Fresh Water Pearls ~~~ 3.5-4 Coupons reach out to let us know if you need advice in figuring out a particular shopping challenge. our staff who love to investigate reader questions—will do their best to help. I’m a different type of tubie. My illness requires a 2 liter camelbak that I drink from but my tube on the camelbak leaks a lot so I put these at the base of it to catch drips. Love these so much thank you!!These are very cute and I love that they’re not stiff. I have others that are harder and I feel they pull the tube away from the skin. They’re so soft and fit my 3 month old tubie very well.These were well made, but they were so huge! The hole for the G-tube was giant and they fell off. They were also very floppy, no structure to them at all. So with the giant size and them folding over when you put them on (because they are floppy) they fell off within minutes. I threw them away. My son is 6 and wears a mini-one Gtube.Perfect thanks! Discount Clearance Online Sale DIFFERENT COLOR GROUPS ARE AVAILABLE IN OTHER LISTINGS OR BY REQUEST. JUST EMAIL ME WITH YOUR REQUEST! YOU ARE VIEWING MY NEWEST TUBIE COVERS! This is a set of 6: St Patrick#39;s Day Assortment TUBIE COVERS are fun to wear while providing protection for the tube user. They are reusable , absorbent, soft, comfortable, stylish, reversible and most importantly WASHABLE! We have created many new NOVELTY designs as well as everyday designs. Adults and children who have a g-tube, j-tube, g/j tube, PEG, PEJ or other tube device deserve to feel special and have fun. We began creating these reusable covers after my daughter received her first tube. We tried lots of fabrics and lots of designs. After trial and error, she said that this style of reusable pad was the most comfortable and most absorbent to wear. She has been wearing them for more than a year. They fit comfortably while keeping her stoma site clean and reducing the amount of granulated tissue that can form. Our tubie covers eliminated the use of tape and gauze pads and saved money. Each reusable cover is handmade with 3 layers of fabric. We use a cotton/bamboo knit for the outside layers and an absorbing soft terry in the center. They are very light weight, comfortable, absorbent, and loads of FUN TO WEAR! All edges are finished to reduce raveling. They are easy to clean either by placing in the washing machine in a lingerie bag or by hand. These covers last a long time. My reusable covers are approximately 3quot; in diameter with a plastic snap added to hold it around the tube. We have made each tube cover with love and prayers for the new owner. This lot contains a set of 6 different St Patrick#39;s Day designed tubie covers. Each of the tubie covers has a plastic snap closure. My daughter wears her reusable tubie covers everyday. We hope that you will enjoy yours, too!NEED INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING contact me! SALE of 6 St Patrick#39;s Day Sharmrocks Green Gold Orange Rain

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Cheap On Sale With Free Shipping 50% off~~~ Newly Listed~~~ Natural Fresh Water Pearls ~~~ 3.5-4 Coupons