Collectisale Deer costume for girls, Fawn costume, Bambi costume , Animal cos Clearance SALE! Limited time!

Deer costume for girls, Fawn costume, Bambi costume , Animal cos
Deer costume for girls, Fawn costume, Bambi costume , Animal cos


All costumes ship out within 2 business days of purchase
Fast shipping is available :

Deer costume for girls premium collection

The premium collection lets you enjoy full costumes with a total look
you can also find my YouMe Collection that combine elements from the full costume with clothing items from your closet.
Me You collection -

Watch out for those antlers! There#39;s a deer around. This detailed handmade costume is classic all year round for dress up or Halloween parties.
it’s unique and timeless, made from natural high-quality materials combined with a handmade finish.
uncompromising design, quality sewing and attention to the finest detail are all part of making this costume so special.
You can celebrate with the costumes in carnivals, birthdays, parties and many more holidays

This costume can be worn #39;as is#39; or with a long or short sleeved top underneath. Matching socks or leggings can be added as well.

The hat can be bought separately here;

There is a boys version available here;

This costume includes;
Deer hat – cotton exterior and felt lining, hand stitched antlers and appliqué ,cotton tie for a flexible fit.

Deer dress - made from natural cotton with off-white binding featuring hand stitched appliqué.
Costume includes a detachable belt for an easy fit.

*Not sure about sizing? Drop me a line

Girls size chart;

Size 2 – waist 50cm.6quot;, Chest 50cm.6quot;, height 85-95cm.4quot;-37.4quot;

Size 4 – waist 52cm.4quot;, Chest 54cm21.2quot;, height 96-106cm.8quot;-41.7quot;

Size 6 – waist 56cmquot;, Chest 58cm.8quot;, height 106-117cm.7quot;-46quot;

Size 8 – waist 58cm.8quot;, Chest 62cm.4quot;, height 117-128cmquot;-50.4quot;

Size 10 – waist 66cmquot;, Chest 68cm.8quot;, height 128-140cm.4 - 55.1quot;

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Collectisale Deer costume for girls, Fawn costume, Bambi costume , Animal cos Clearance SALE! Limited time!

Product Information:Materials: Neon, LEDWay to open: Touch the switchProduct size: 17*8.5*26.5CMPackage size: 18.5*4.3*27.5CMQuality:Safe service voltage:5VUsage scenario: You can use it in your bedroom, living room and game room, which is widely used.Including: USB and Neon sign and 3*AAA battery.Note: 1. There are two ways of power supply such a s 3*AAA battery and USB.2. The length of USB is 1M and connected to a standard power plug.Please consider before ordering. Thanks for your understanding.If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us. Cool lights! They look great as expected. Thank you!Items as expected. Very cool neon light. Thank youVery cool neon lights! Gladly againI bought this lamp for a special friend who is studying the brain. She loved it, and it turned out to be a fabulous addition to her lab. The delivery was fast, and the lamp was well packed Deer costume for girls, Fawn costume, Bambi costume , Animal cos Collectisale Deer costume for girls, Fawn costume, Bambi costume , Animal cos Clearance SALE! Limited time! Home Living\ => Lighting\ => Lamps\ => Table Lamps Shark Neon Light, Neon Light, Neon Sign light, Christmas Gifts, our ever-expanding product range includes the latest releases from global brands in:personal devices: mobile phones, tablets, and laptops.entertainment systems: tvs, sound systems, home assistants & home theatres home appliances: acs, refrigerators, washing machines, cooktops, dishwashers etc.cameras and accessories: dslr cameras and accessories - all at affordable prices Discounts Online Outlet Sale

Collectisale Deer costume for girls, Fawn costume, Bambi costume , Animal cos Clearance SALE! Limited time!

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Collectisale Deer costume for girls, Fawn costume, Bambi costume , Animal cos Clearance SALE! Limited time!

Chillum, Clay Chillum, OM Design, Baba Chillum, indian Chillum, Art Collectibles\ => Fine Art Ceramics This is more stunning than the photos were able to show!!! It was lovingly wrapped and carefully packaged!! I am so in love with the craftsmanship! The amount of detail that went into this is so amazing!! It took a pretty long time to get here, but it was absolutely worth the wait!!!I purchased a chillum from Manali back in December. It was the first time using such a pipe, and it’s wonderful! A clean and easy smoke, plus it is easy to clean (just make sure to clean the plug after each use, easier to wipe clean). Since I liked it so much, I ordered this one for a friend. It came from India, and I received it in less than 3 weeks. It was packed very carefully, and came with its own beautifully knitted bag for travel and storage. Manali is easy to communicate with and he is quick to respond to questions. When ordering, make sure to get the pick and an extra plug.This chillum is MAGNIFICENT! I ordered the four-inch clay Aum chillum because my hands are small. The chillum, in my opinion, is the ideal size for me and I received 4 clay filters, each a different size so that I can adjust the bowl size! Very impressed.Absolutely exactly what i was looking for. Made beautifully! Its currently my favorite piece in my collection and a fraction of the price of most other places i looked. Offer Online Product DescriptionClay Chillum has been a part of Indian smoking culture forever since, they were used by sadhus, Rastafarians, and basically popularised by hippies in western culture. These Indian smoking pipes are handcrafted and every single detail that you see is carved one at a time. They’re a narrow tube with an end to end opening, that has a removable stone. This stone divides the bowl for the herbs and the mouthpiece for the smoke. Well, carvings on the chillum pipe stone help in cooling the smoke while pushing it towards the wall of the chillum. For every smoke one needs 0.5 gm to 1.5 gm of the herb of tobacco. While smoking usually people use a cloth to avoid burned ash from their smoke which might pass through the tobacco chillum stone. SpecificationMade of Clay: We all know clay is चिकनी मिट्टी, which is basically wet soil that can be molded in any form, which becomes solid once dried. This wet soil is first given the shape or design of choice and further baked to make them solid and rigid for use. This OM Clay Chillum Pipe is a mixture of Indian and clay that gives it a firm and sleek look. The mixture of two clays from different regions makes this chillum an outstanding piece for a smoke lover to must try.Chillum Stone: Chillum stone is considered to be the most important part of the chillum because, without it, it’s kinda useless. The chillum stone acts as a mediocre between the bowl and mouthpiece. It helps to hold the herb in the upper part and does not lets it get down through your mouth/throat directly. It makes the flow of smoke even and smoother while pressing it towards the wall of the chillum for a better experience.Hand Grip Design: The Indian Tobacco Chillum has a handgrip design for ease to hold and smoke better. As they are made up of clay thus they make them smooth enough to slip easily without a design to hold. Well, the designs provide you with a solid gripping for you to enjoy every bit of your tobacco smoking chillum. The Indian Chillum Pipe has a design of OM in the upper half body of the chillum for better hold.Dimension: Indian Smoking Chillums are also delicate after all they’re made up of clay, so for traveling purposes, a small chillum is the best preference. The chillum has a dimension of 6 Inches that holds a chillum stone of 2-3 Inches which can be your good traveling companion.Finishing: Here at MANALICRAFTSHOP we believe in giving the best experience to every customer by providing them with the best quality available in the market. This Smoking Chillum Pipe is made up of the best clay with a super sleek and excellent finishing that is easy to hold and use. They are not like other chillums available in the market that are fine but not good enough. Collectisale Deer costume for girls, Fawn costume, Bambi costume , Animal cos Clearance SALE! Limited time! Deer costume for girls, Fawn costume, Bambi costume , Animal cos our stores and website offer over 5000 products and more than 200 brands with year-round promotional offers and even no cost emi options.

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Collectisale Deer costume for girls, Fawn costume, Bambi costume , Animal cos Clearance SALE! Limited time!