Sales Online Hand Woven Poncho Cloak, Large Mens Womens Clothing Boho Yoga Wr Discounts Clearance Online Store 100%

Hand Woven Poncho Cloak, Large Mens Womens Clothing Boho Yoga Wr
Hand Woven Poncho Cloak, Large Mens Womens Clothing Boho Yoga Wr


Unique Artisan Handmade!
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This Artisan Handmade Hand Woven Poncho Cloak, Large Unisex Men#39;s or Women#39;s Boho Clothing Yoga Wrap, Autumn Fall Rustic Woodland Cabin Peasant Pullover Top in a Melange of Beige, Brown, Black, Slate Gray Yarns and Mixed Fibers (including Wool, Viscose, Cotton, and more) is a perfect simple and subtly elegant accessory for Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter, for relaxing walks wandering on the Beach at the Cottage, through the woods up at the Cabin, or through the City streets.

Brown is a good grounding color.
(read more below).

Hand Made in USA.

Size: Med - Large
30”L Front/Back Drop from Neckline to Point when worn traditionally front to back
42”L Armspan/Breastspan
15quot;W Neck opening

Worn Sideways
61quot;W Armspan Tip to Tip (as in the first and last pictures)
20quot; Neck opening
20quot; Neck to Waist Back and Front

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A Great Style Accessory for those who like:

Rustic Woodland Forest Style
Eco Natural Living
Ethical Sustainable Style
Alternative Boho Style
Slow Fashion
Metaphysical Living
Mind Body Spirit Harmony Balance
Energy Clearing Grounding
Universal Alignment Centering
Reiki Holistic Wellness Self Care
Earth Element Feng Shui Growth Renewal
Pagan Wiccan Shaman Mystical Magick
Mother Earth Goddess Witch Blessings
Spiritual Positive Energy
Minimalist Zen Meditation
Blessings Prayer
Peace, Serenity Tranquility
Yoga Relaxation
Mindfulness Intentional Living

Throw this Artisan Handmade Poncho over your shoulders and feel the cozy comfort envelope you without the fuss.

Part wrap, part shawl, part cloak, part coat, part shirt... this Poncho fits around the shoulders for a cozy blanket of warmth to keep off the chill while looking carefree.

Casual Comfort Relaxed Style, this Woven Poncho would make an elegant cocktail or event accessory, or just dress up classic casual jeans.

Kick up your style in any season! This Artisan Handmade Poncho would look great on anyone.

One size fits fashionably for most everyone, short or tall, big or small.

This Handmade Accessory is versatile for both Men#39;s Women#39;s Outdoor Fashion.

This Woven Poncho can be worn traditionally with points in front and back, or horizontally across the shoulder.

Enhance and Strengthen the Natural Energy, Harmony Balance in Your Life with Handmade Textiles.

Clear and raise your energy vibration, connect and align your spirit with the universe.

Each Woven Accessory in my shop is created individually in limited quantity or one-of-a-kind, destined for only one person or home.

Colors and textures of textiles can speak to your mood to lift your spirits or calm you, feeding your natural energy to help you find your center.

Strengthen and align your inner essence with this artisan statement piece.

I carefully select and combine yarns that feel inspiring to find the right balance to weave positive energy into my work.

This Artisan Handmade Poncho is woven with Beige, Brown, Black, Slate, Brown, and Beige Yarns in Plain weave with a Stripe Pattern.

Hand-wash and hang to dry if needed.

Brown is a color of stability, safety, security, reliability, endurance, generosity, concentration, honesty, wholesome, nurturing grounding earthiness, a Feng Shui Earth Wood Element associated with the compass direction East, the Number 3, and Health, astrological signs Scorpio Capricorn

Beige is dependable, calming, neutral, a Feng Shui Earth Element connected to the compass directions Northeast and Southeast, numbers 8 or 2 and relationships and knowledge.

Black absorbs colors, is considered a protection color, deflects energy, and is grounding, authoritative, formal, a Feng Shui Water or Metal Element associated with the North, number 1, Career and Journeys, gemstones tourmaline, obsidian, jet, onyx, astrological sign of Scorpio, planet Saturn, day Saturday

Handmade Beige Brown Black Hand Woven Poncho Cape, Unisex Mens Womens Boho Yoga Wrap Cover Up Shirt, Modern Rustic Woodland Cabin Clothing, Cloak, Pullover Top, Casual Urban Zen Slow Fashion Clothing Accessory Peasant Shirt Top, Handwoven in a Melange of Beige, Brown, Black, and Slate Yarns and Mixed Fibers (PM4)


Your support feeds my creativity and your purchases make a big difference to help artists and small businesses like mine.

My weaving style is modern bohemian, vintage shabby farmhouse romantic, coastal beach, rustic mountain cabin, country home natural style, with a bit of wabi sabi zen minimalism and earthy back to basics simplicity to ground it all.

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Enjoy the finer things in life instead of putting them on a pedestal all the time!

You deserve style that lasts and you will discover a whole new way of living artfully every day here now.

It#39;s all in the details, putting the extra into extra-ordinary. Have some fun and show a little attitude and flair.

Discover Quality Handcrafted Handwoven Artisan Textiles for Home Decor Fashion Designed For Artful Everyday Living Special Occasions in Classic Patterns, Colors, Textures.

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I have been weaving for over 30 years and in business full-time for over 20 years.


Choose Artisan Handmade, Handwoven Style Accessories Home Decor!

Acknowledge the things in Life that really count, things that make you or me smile our hearts sing when in action, or at rest, things that center us, things we are good at.

Then, we each can share this with others to make a better world. - Amy C. Lund

Weaving since childhood, I find order and rhythm in placing each thread in my designs and enjoy the feel of the textures of the fibers in my hands.

I have an affinity for clean, simple designs which utilize and enhance the materials and techniques and bring them together - getting back to basics with an earthy rustic feel.

My finished hand woven products have timeless classic style suitable for any traditional rustic antique - filled primitive vintage farmhouse, french country cottage chic, coastal seaside retreat, mountain hideaway cabin, contemporary industrial loft, or modern Scandinavian - Nordic urban home decor.

It#39;s all about how you style it!

I completed an M.S. in Textiles and Related Art from the University of RI and have studied and worked in several Art, History and Design Museums, demonstrating in historic settings at Shaker Villages and analyzing and managing collections behind the scenes.

I have participated in many Artisan fairs over the years and have my own Studio Gallery.

My weaving has been featured in the Directory of Early American Craftsmen, in the Holiday collections of The White House, House Beautiful, Design New England, RI Home Design, Newport Life Newport Life Wedding magazines, has been sent around the world.



Each of my hand woven textiles is made with careful handwork and consideration to form as well as function.

Detail and commitment to traditional artistry separate my hand woven textiles from many others.

I weave with traditional hand and foot powered looms, not using computers to guide my patterns or mechanics to power the loom. Each piece is a test and display of knowledge of materials, technical skills, and artisanry.

From the beginning, materials are chosen, the threads are wound to the same length, dressed on the beam of the loom.

The pattern is threaded meticulously through the eyes of the heddles and reed one by one and tied up in preparation for weaving.

This establishes the base for the fabric, aligning the threads of the warp to create a ground.

Planning for size, color, and pattern are established before insertion of the weft filler.

Most of my woven pieces are hemmed and finished by hand, as well, to create a smooth, refined look.


Items are handmade one-of a kind, or in short runs, listed here in my shop ready for sale as described. I provide a sampling of choices within a style until they sell out.

I am not a production weaver, and do not wish to make 100s of the same thing.

That is the art of the craft!

Consider within reason if something really needs to be 1 or 2 inches longer or wider as you browse the items being offered.

Use the search button or links within the shop to find similar items, which may be offered in different sections.

Please contact me if you cannot find something to suit your needs.

Special orders can be placed for specific colors, longer runners, sets of table linens, or larger area rugs.


Many of my finished woven items are machine washable, unless noted, and meant to be used every day, tested over the years by myself and by many of my customers.

With attention to care, hand woven textiles will last a long time and bring continued enjoyment, although just as with anything, they may not last forever.

Consider textile heirlooms from past generations that are still used today. Well-made and cared-for, these hand woven pieces can be heirlooms of the future.


These artisan handmade textiles are works of enjoyable, aesthetic art as well as lasting utilitarian, working craft.

You will find the long-term values they carry can far outweigh some of the costs of things in your everyday environment that may be much more temporary or disposable.

Enjoy Artful Living with simple, sophisticated and stylish textiles.

Hand woven textiles make unique gifts that give pleasure in the simplest of ways, highlighting holidays, celebrations and special occasions.

Treat yourself, or give a gift that keeps on giving.

I focus my hand weaving on classic patterns, colors, and textures that will fit in both traditional vintage or modern contemporary lifestyles and décor.

Heirloom home decor furnishings, textiles, table linens fashion accessories hand woven in natural cotton, linen, wool, alpaca mohair, will last for years.

Start your collection of Amy C. Lund Artisan Handwoven Textiles today and enjoy the pleasures of artful living!

Tell your friends and loved ones what you like, add this to your favorites!

If you have any questions about my weaving, please contact me. I am always glad to share my knowledge of my craft and each piece I make. There is a story behind everything!

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* Twitter Instagram @aclhandweaver


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Sales Online Hand Woven Poncho Cloak, Large Mens Womens Clothing Boho Yoga Wr Discounts Clearance Online Store 100%

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Sales Online Hand Woven Poncho Cloak, Large Mens Womens Clothing Boho Yoga Wr Discounts Clearance Online Store 100%

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