Discounts Shoponline Rainbow Connection, Pattern, Dotting Pattern, Mandala Pattern, D Detroit Mall

Rainbow Connection, Pattern, Dotting Pattern, Mandala Pattern, D
Rainbow Connection, Pattern, Dotting Pattern, Mandala Pattern, D


In this 19 page digital pattern you will find:
- Dotting basics including prepping your project, information on paints and tools, tool tips
- Dotting terminology
- Tool Conversion Chart (see below for details)
- Full color step by step instructions (picture and text for each step)
- Step by step instruction in a chart format

This is a 12 inch pattern.

This project was originally created on a wood cutting board. However, you can dot this on a wide variety of a things including a 12quot; round canvas; a 12x12 or 14x14quot; square canvas, canvas panel or cradled wood canvas; 12-14quot; wood tray; a medium to large gourd; 12quot; album; 12-14quot; ceramic or wood plate, etc. The actual mandala is approximately 12quot; in diameter.

The tools used in this handout are the Susan Bates Crystalite Crochet Hooks. However, a tool conversion chart is also included in the instructions in case you don’t have or use the crochet hooks. With this chart you can easily find the tools that correlate to the crochet hooks used in this pattern. The chart compares the crochet hooks, Mark’s Mandalas, DIY Mandalas, The Dotting Center, (Harbor Freight) Transfer Punch set, Happy Dotting Company, Travelling Kindness Rocks/Otauna, and the Easy Mandala tools.


This is a digital item, no physical product will be sent. It is a full color PDF instant download. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to access the instructions. Adobe Acrobat is a free program that you can find at Please note because this is a digital pattern and not a physical product, I cannot offer refunds.

This file is for your personal use. You MAY NOT sell, share, trade, or give this file away. It is illegal to copy or circulate this pattern or any portion of the pattern or to distribute or sell this pattern. The pattern and all images are copyright by Espressoly 4 You. Finished products created with this pattern can be sold but we ask you to mention Espressoly 4 You when possible.

If you have any problems with the digital download, please refer to this link on ETSY:

Thanks so much for visiting my shop!
Happy dotting!


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Discounts Shoponline Rainbow Connection, Pattern, Dotting Pattern, Mandala Pattern, D Detroit Mall

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Discounts Shoponline Rainbow Connection, Pattern, Dotting Pattern, Mandala Pattern, D Detroit Mall

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Discounts Shoponline Rainbow Connection, Pattern, Dotting Pattern, Mandala Pattern, D Detroit Mall

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Discounts Shoponline Rainbow Connection, Pattern, Dotting Pattern, Mandala Pattern, D Detroit Mall