Wholesale Best Price UK Wavy Flag - CNC Files For Wood, 3D STL Model Factory Cheap Shop Online

UK Wavy Flag - CNC Files For Wood, 3D STL Model
UK Wavy Flag - CNC Files For Wood, 3D STL Model

United Kingdom Flag - project for CNC.

Dimensions in the presentation pictures:
- length: 500 mm ( 19.68 inches)
- width: 280 mm (11.02 inches)
- thickness: 28 mm ( 1.1 inches)
The model can also be scaled.

This model can be used with any software that allows you to import the STL file format: Aspire, Vcarve, Carveco, Artcam, etc.

After the payment is processed you can download a zip file that contains the model.


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Wholesale Best Price UK Wavy Flag - CNC Files For Wood, 3D STL Model Factory Cheap Shop Online

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Wholesale Best Price UK Wavy Flag - CNC Files For Wood, 3D STL Model Factory Cheap Shop Online

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Wholesale Best Price UK Wavy Flag - CNC Files For Wood, 3D STL Model Factory Cheap Shop Online

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Wholesale Best Price UK Wavy Flag - CNC Files For Wood, 3D STL Model Factory Cheap Shop Online